Word symbol for [/asleep]
Optimized for penstrokes
A*sleep”, a. & adv. Etym: [Pref. a- + sleep.]

anesthetized symbol, asleep in Jesus symbols, benumbed symbols, bereft of life symbols, breathless glyph, comatose glyphs, croaked glyph, dead to symbol, death-struck glyphs, done for glyph, exanimate glyph, gone symbol, idle symbol, impassible glyphs, impercipient glyph, in ignorance of glyph, insensate symbols, insentient symbols, launched into eternity glyphs, lifeless glyphs, martyred glyphs, napping symbol, no more glyphs, nonconceiving symbol, not with it glyph, numbed glyph, oblivious glyph, off-guard symbol, pushing up daisies symbols, quiet glyphs, smitten with death symbols, spaced out glyphs, still symbols, taken away symbol, taken off symbol, thick-skinned glyphs, unaware glyph, unaware of symbol, uncautious glyph, unconscious symbols, unfeeling glyph, unfelt symbols, unguarded glyph, unhearing symbol, unmindful glyphs, unmindful of symbols, unperceiving glyph, unperceptive symbols, unprehensive glyph, unrealizing symbol, unseeing glyph, unvigilant glyph, unwary glyphs, unwatchful symbol, without vital functions symbol, zonked glyphs, zonked out