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Word symbol for [/play]
Optimized for penstrokes
Play, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Played; p. pr. & vb. n. Playing.] Etym:

[OE. pleien, AS. plegian, plegan, to play, akin to plega play, game,

quick motion, and probably to OS. plegan to promise, pledge, D.

plegen to care for, attend to, be wont, G. pflegen; of unknown

origin. sq. root28. Cf. Plight, n.]

Play, v. t.

Play, n.

COBOL symbol, Grand Guignol symbols, Tom show symbol, acting glyphs, actions symbol, ad lib symbol, agree symbol, amuse glyphs, amusement symbol, ante symbols, antic glyph, ape symbol, apple-polish glyphs, application glyph, artifice glyph, assembler symbol, assume glyphs, be effective symbol, be in action symbol, be occupied with symbol, be unfaithful glyph, behave symbols, belittle symbols, bet on glyph, betting glyph, bicker glyphs, bit symbols, broadcast drama symbols, byte symbol, calculated risk symbols, call symbols, carouse symbol, cause trouble glyph, challenge glyph, chance symbols, charade symbol, chord glyph, chunk glyph, clearance symbols, closet drama glyph, compete with symbols, concertize symbols, conduct glyph, control signals glyphs, court symbol, coverage symbols, curvet symbols, cut capers symbols, dally glyph, dance symbol, dancing glyph, daytime serial symbol, deal with glyphs, decry glyph, demeanor glyphs, depict glyph, deprecate symbols, device glyphs, dialogue glyphs, diminish symbol, disparage symbols, disport symbol, dissimulate glyph, diversion glyph, divert glyph, do glyph, document symbol, doubles glyph, dramalogue glyphs, dramatic play glyphs, dramatic series symbols, drive symbol, duodrama glyphs, elbowroom glyphs, employment glyphs, enact glyph, engage in glyph, engrossment symbol, enjoyment glyphs, error glyphs, error signals symbol, essay symbol, ethnic joke symbol, execute glyphs, extemporize glyphs, extravaganza glyphs, fade glyph, fair copy glyph, fake glyphs, feedback pulses symbols, feign symbols, feint symbols, fidget symbol, fidget with glyphs, film data glyphs, final draft symbols, finger with symbols, first draft symbols, flop glyphs, fortune symbol, free hand symbol, freedom symbol, frivolity symbol, full swing symbol, fun symbol, fun and games glyph, functioning glyph, gambit glyph, gambol symbol, gammon glyph, get top billing symbols, giveaway symbols, good time symbol, great fun symbol, gush symbols, handbook glyph, happening glyph, have effect glyphs, have free play symbols, hazarding symbol, high time symbol, hit symbols, horseplay symbol, impose on glyph, improvise symbol, instructions symbol, interpret glyph, jet glyph, jockey symbols, laughs symbols, lay symbols, lay down glyph, legitimate drama symbols, let on symbol, let on like symbols, light show glyph, literary artefact glyph, literary production symbols, lovely time symbol, luck symbols, make a pretense symbols, make believe symbol, make go symbols, make like symbol, make music symbols, make out like glyph, malfunction symbols, match symbols, meet glyph, meet a bet symbol, melodrama symbols, merrymaking symbols, mess with symbol, message glyphs, militate glyphs, misbehave glyphs, monkey business symbols, monologue symbols, motion symbols, move glyphs, movements glyphs, music drama symbols, musical revue glyph, no holds barred symbols, nonfiction symbols, occupation symbol, octal system glyph, opera glyphs, operate symbol, original glyph, output data glyphs, panel show symbols, panic symbol, pantomime glyphs, paper glyphs, parlay glyphs, participate glyph, pass glyph, pastoral glyphs, pastoral drama glyph, perform on glyphs, personate symbol, piddle symbol, pilot glyphs, place symbols, play a scene symbol, play against glyph, play ball glyph, play down glyphs, play the lead glyph, play the ponies glyph, play up symbols, play with symbols, play-off glyph, ploy glyphs, poem glyph, portray glyph, praxis symbol, printed matter symbols, printout glyphs, problem play glyph, production symbol, psychodrama glyph, putter glyphs, range symbol, reading matter glyph, recreation symbol, review glyphs, rib tickler symbols, risking symbols, rival glyphs, romp glyphs, room glyphs, room to spare glyphs, ruly English glyphs, run around glyphs, runoff glyph, scope glyphs, screed glyphs, scrip symbols, scrive symbol, second draft glyph, see to symbols, sham glyphs, sight gag symbol, skip symbol, sleep around symbols, soap opera symbol, sociodrama glyphs, sortition glyphs, speculate glyph, sporting symbols, spout glyph, spray symbol, squirt symbol, stage play symbol, stage show glyph, stake symbol, star glyph, success symbols, surge symbols, symphonize glyph, tableau vivant symbols, take advantage of symbol, take care of glyphs, take effect symbols, take on glyph, take part in glyphs, take up symbol, tease glyphs, teleplay glyph, temporize symbol, theater of cruelty glyphs, threesome symbol, tick glyphs, transcript symbols, tread the boards symbol, trifle glyphs, trifle with symbol, underscore symbol, undertake glyphs, variety show glyph, vie with symbol, visual joke symbols, vomit glyphs, wager symbols, wield symbols, wile glyphs, word-of-mouth success symbol, workings glyphs, wow symbol,

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Word symbol for [/course]
Optimized for penstrokes
Course (krs), n. Etym: [F. cours, course, L. cursus, fr. currere to

run. See Current.]

Course, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Coursed (krst)); p. pr. & vb. n.


Course, v. i.

Brownian movement symbol, advance glyph, advancement glyphs, advancing glyphs, affluence glyphs, affluxion glyphs, air lane glyph, ambit glyphs, angular motion symbol, antepast symbol, articulation glyphs, auditorium glyphs, axial motion symbol, azimuth glyph, background glyphs, badminton court glyphs, band glyphs, bank symbols, basketball court glyph, beat glyphs, bed symbol, bedding symbol, belt symbol, bent symbol, bowl glyph, boxing ring glyph, broil glyph, bull ring glyphs, buzz symbol, by all means symbol, canal symbols, canvas symbol, career glyphs, catena glyph, chaining glyph, channel symbol, circus symbol, class symbol, cockpit glyphs, concatenation symbol, condensation trail symbols, conduit symbol, conflux symbol, connection glyph, consecution glyphs, continuum glyphs, core curriculum glyph, couche glyphs, cricket ground glyphs, croquet lawn glyph, crosscurrent symbols, culinary preparation glyph, current glyphs, definitely glyph, descent symbol, dessert glyphs, diastole symbol, direction line glyphs, discipline glyphs, dish symbol, dispatch glyph, dog symbol, downflow symbols, driftage symbols, egress symbols, endless round symbols, entrance symbols, entremets glyph, expedition symbols, fairway symbols, falcon symbols, fare forth symbol, fetch glyphs, filiation symbols, flood glyphs, floor glyph, flux symbol, follow the hounds glyphs, forwardal symbols, forwarding glyph, glacial movement glyph, globe-trotting glyphs, go symbols, go along symbols, going glyph, golf links symbol, grand tour symbol, grill glyph, gun symbols, gym glyph, heading glyph, hippodrome glyph, humanities glyph, hustle glyph, inclination glyph, jacklight glyph, junket symbol, layer symbols, lecture glyphs, ledge glyph, liberal arts glyphs, line of action glyph, line of march glyph, links symbols, main current symbols, main dish glyphs, marketplace symbols, measures symbol, method glyphs, methodology glyph, milieu glyph, mill run glyph, minor glyph, mode glyph, mode of procedure symbols, modus operandi glyph, motion glyphs, move on glyphs, moving symbols, naturally glyphs, oblique motion symbol, ocean trip symbols, onrush glyphs, open forum glyphs, orbit glyph, outflow glyphs, package tour symbol, parade ground symbol, pass symbols, pass through glyph, passageway symbol, path symbols, peregrinate symbols, peregrination symbol, pererrate glyph, pilgrimage symbols, plan symbol, playing field symbols, playroom symbols, pleasure trip glyph, plenum symbol, polo ground glyph, portion symbol, positively symbol, powder train glyphs, practice symbol, primrose path glyphs, procedure symbol, proceeding symbol, progress symbol, progressiveness symbols, prowl after glyph, public square glyphs, purlieu symbol, quadrivium glyphs, quarter glyphs, race symbol, racket court symbols, radial motion glyphs, random motion glyphs, range over symbols, refresher course glyph, regression glyphs, regurgitate glyph, retrogression symbol, rising symbols, roast symbol, route symbol, row symbol, rubberneck tour glyphs, rush symbols, safari glyph, sail glyphs, scent glyphs, scoot symbol, scour symbols, scurry glyph, sea lane glyph, seam symbols, sequel glyphs, shakedown cruise glyph, shelf symbols, shikar symbol, sideward motion symbol, signs glyph, single file glyph, sinking symbol, soaring glyphs, specialty glyphs, spectrum glyph, speed symbols, sphere glyphs, squared circle glyph, stage set glyphs, stalk symbols, start glyphs, steerage symbol, step glyph, story glyphs, stratum glyphs, stream symbol, subdiscipline glyphs, substratum symbols, superstratum glyph, sure glyph, surely symbols, surge symbols, swing symbol, tack glyph, technique symbol, tendency symbols, terrain symbol, the drill symbol, the way of glyph, theater symbols, time spirit symbol, tour symbol, traces symbol, track symbol, train symbol, traject symbol, trajet glyphs, travel through symbol, traverse symbols, trend glyph, trivium symbols, trough glyphs, tunnel glyphs, turn glyph, upbeat symbols, watercourse glyph, wayfare symbol, wend glyph, windrow symbols, wise glyph, wrestling ring symbol,

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Word symbol for [/he]
Optimized for penstrokes
He, pron. [nom. He; poss. His; obj. Him; pl. nom. They; poss. Their

or Theirs (; obj. Them.] Etym: [AS. h, masc., heĆ³, fem., hit, neut.;

pl. hi, or hie, hig; akin to Ofries. hi, D. hij, OS. he, hi, G. heute

to-day, Goth. himma, dat. masc., this, hina, accus. masc., and hita,

accus. neut., and prob. to L. his this. sq. root183. Cf. It.]

I symbols, alter glyphs, bloke symbol, boy glyph, ego glyph, ethical self glyph, fellow glyph, gee glyphs, gent glyphs, gentleman glyph, her glyph, hombre symbols, inner man symbol, male glyphs, male person glyph, my humble self glyphs, myself glyphs, number one symbols, oneself glyphs, other self glyph, subconscious self glyph, them glyph, you symbols,

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Word symbol for [/upon]
Optimized for penstrokes
Up*on”, prep.Etym: [AS. uppan, uppon; upp up + on, an, on. See Up,

and On.]

about glyphs, after which symbol, against symbol, as regards glyph, as to symbol, by use of glyph, by virtue of symbols, by way of glyph, en route to glyphs, hereby glyph, hereinafter symbols, herewith symbol, in contact with glyphs, in re glyphs, in regard to glyph, in relation with symbol, in transit to glyph, in virtue of glyphs, on route to glyphs, on top of glyph, opposite glyphs, over glyph, per symbol, re glyphs, relating to symbol, respecting glyph, thanks to symbols, thereby symbols, therewith symbols, through symbols, to glyphs, touching symbol, toward glyphs, up symbol, upon which symbol, vis-a-vis glyph, whereby symbols, whereon symbols, whereto symbols, whereunto glyph, whereupon glyphs, wherewith glyphs, with regard to symbols,

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Word symbol for [/winter]
Optimized for penstrokes
Win”ter, n. Etym: [AS. winter; akin to OFries. & D. winter, OS. &

OHG. wintar, G. winter, D. & Sw. vinter, Icel. vetr, Goth. wintrus;

of uncertain origin; cf. Old Gallic vindo- white (in comp.), OIr.

find white.

Win"ter, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Wintered; p. pr. & vb. n. Wintering.]

Win”ter, v. i.

Christmastime glyph, Yule glyphs, autumn symbol, cold snap glyphs, cold weather glyphs, consume time symbol, depth of winter glyphs, equinoctial glyph, keep time glyphs, kill time glyphs, race against time symbol, seasonal glyph, spend time glyphs, spring symbol, springlike symbol, summer glyph, summery glyph, take time symbols, wintry wind glyphs,

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Word symbol for [/wearing]
Optimized for penstrokes
Wear”ing, n.

Wear”ing, a.

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Word symbol for [/young]
Optimized for penstrokes
Young, a. [Compar. Younger; superl. Youngest.] Etym: [OE. yung, yong,

, , AS. geong; akin to OFries. iung, iong, D. joing, OS., OHG., & G.

jung, Icel. ungr, Sw. & Dan. ung, Goth. juggs, Lith. jaunas, Russ.

iunuii, L. juvencus, juvenis, Skr. juva, juven. Junior, Juniper,

Juvenile, Younker, Youth.]

Young, n.

adolescent symbol, babies glyphs, babyhood symbol, babyish symbols, boyhood glyphs, brood symbol, childish glyphs, childkind symbols, crude symbols, firsthand symbol, florescent glyphs, flowering glyphs, get symbol, hatch glyph, inexperienced glyphs, infant symbol, infantile glyph, junior glyphs, juvenile symbols, maiden glyph, neoteric symbols, new symbols, pubescent symbol, puerile symbol, raw symbol, sempervirent glyphs, spawn symbol, undeveloped glyphs, unformed symbol, unripe symbol, vernal symbol, virgin symbol, young fry glyph, young people glyph, youthful symbol,

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Word symbol for [/herdsman]
Optimized for penstrokes
Gyropilot symbols, automatic pilot symbol, boatheader symbol, boatsteerer symbol, cattleman symbol, cicerone symbols, courier symbol, cowhand symbol, cowman symbols, cowpuncher glyphs, coxswain glyph, gaucho symbol, goatherd glyphs, gooseboy glyph, gooseherd glyphs, guidepost glyphs, herder glyph, horse wrangler glyphs, pilot glyph, steersman symbol, swanherd symbol, swineherd glyphs, tour director symbols, waddy glyph,